Yes, You are right….It happens in many Countries, they use art for political engagement

Standing Ovation, Seated

Art has always been intertwined with politics, and not just as an illustration of kings’ victories and special relationship with gods. Ever since Pericles was falsely accused of embezzling gold on Zeus statue by the sculptor Phidias, art has been used to drive home a political point or vouch for a political agenda, often becoming propaganda of the worst sort.

One of the most striking examples of Propaganda vs. Art can be found in Florence, right in front of the Palazzo Vecchio, or city council.

The context of David is inspiring. In 1494, the Medici were ousted from Florence for the second time. Four years later, Savonarola, the crazy revolutionary who kicked them out was hanged and burned at the stake (hanging can be an act of kindness sometimes), becoming a flaming example of the principle that it is always better to be the sheriff’s deputy, who is not shot…

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