Women Often Don’t Understand What Men Want, but Men Are Quite Easy – They Want a Loyal, Kind, Positive Woman Who Loves Them

A lot of women try very hard when it comes to men. They change their personalities, change what they wear, change how they behavior – anything to become what their men want. In reality though, you really don’t have to change yourself for a man. There are a few things that guys like and, if you can do these simple things, you can keep any man completely infatuated with you.

Men Like To Be Complimented – Just like women, men love compliments. Unlike women though, men very rarely receive compliments. So if you compliment your guy, you’ll already stand out from the other women he has known. “You look cute in that shirt”, “You’re so smart”, “You’re so funny” – seriously, how difficult is it to say that? A quick compliment will work wonders and make him love you even more. Just a word of warning, only give a compliment you mean – guys might like compliments, but they’re not stupid. They can tell the fake ones from the real ones.

Men Like To Be Stood Up To – If he’s bossy, or argumentative, or doesn’t treat you very well, stand up to him. Don’t allow him to treat you with anything less than respect. A lot of women are frightened of standing up to men but, the funny thing is, when you stand up to him, he’ll respect you more and treat you better. Men love women who have self-respect and don’t put up with the guys b.s. Really.

Men Like Women Who Are Self Confident – Men want a woman who is self confident. Even if you’re not self confident, fake it. Men love self confident women. It’s a real turn on. Being self confident makes him think that you’re worth getting and worth keeping because, with your self confidence, he knows that if he doesn’t keep you, some other guy will.

Men Want A Woman Who Is Positive – Nobody likes a whiner and that includes men. A lot of women are whiners and complainers and, for most guys, that becomes old pretty fast. Plus, never whine or complain about other people when you’re trying to impress a man. It just makes you look weak and bitchy. If you’re positive, love to have fun, and don’t complain about the little things, you’ll become what men call “a cool girl”. And men love to hang out with cool girls. So, the next time you feel like whining, take a deep breath and say something positive instead. He’ll like it more and it will really make you feel better too!

Men Want To Be Heroes – Over the years, I’ve met so many women who belittle their boyfriends and husbands. Talking down to them, making them feel like children, making them feel “lesser than a man”. Then these women wonder why their husband gets up one day and leaves. He’s met someone else who makes him feel more like a man, and he’d rather be with her than someone who makes him feel small. Make your guy feel like your hero and he’ll not only love you forever, but he’ll do anything for you too.

Men Want A Woman Who Is Kind – Be kind. Men like kind women. Think about it. Many men are looking for a woman who will be a mother to their children, so why would they want a woman who isn’t kind?

Men Want A Woman Whose Life Doesn’t Revolve Around A Man – The worst mistake any woman can make is to organize her life around a man. So many women drop everything when they have a man in their life. They drop their friends, they drop their hobbies, and they sometimes even drop their family. Don’t do this. Men love women who have lives. There’s nothing more boring to a man to come home to a woman who hasn’t done anything all day except wait for him. Get out, get a hobby, make some new friends, go places. Don’t wait around for your guy to appear and, when you do this, he’ll appear faster and stay longer.

To be successful with men, follow these few tips. Men are quite simple and want simple things. They want a woman who is nice to them, who is loyal, who is fun to be around, who makes them feel special and who doesn’t revolve her life around him. Do these few small things and you’ll have any guy eating out of your hands.